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Carl Arendt's Small Layout Scrapbook

A new book by Carl Arendt!

Carl Arendt's Small Layout Scrapbook presents 100 small-space layouts (smaller than 4x6 feet or 1200x1800mm) plus a wealth of modeling hints, tips, advice and instructions. The 8x10in (203x254mm) book describes and illustrates, in full color, every phase of small layout design, building and operation. It's Carl's biggest book yet!

Much of this information comes from the eight-year-old Small Layout Scrapbook, a monthly e-zine published at to provide information and inspiration for fans of minimum space model railroading. In addition, Carl has written much new material and several full-length "how-to" articles that add up to a complete guide to this fast-growing segment of the model railroad hobby.

If you're interested in small layouts, this book is indispensable. Its 64 full-color pages present 100 layouts, a host of modeling tips and tricks, and more ideas for minimum-space railroading fun than you've ever before seen gathered together in one place!

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