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Model RR Links

A large and rapidly growing compendium of layouts, prototypes, modeling tips, and a forum on the Gn15  scale/gauge combination.

All-Gauge Model Railroading Page
Thor Sheil has assembled an astonishing variety of material about RTR trains in gauges from Z to G. 

Large Scale Central Games
Shunt online with Timesaver and Inglenook layouts , and play other railroad games and puzzles.

Model Railroaders Anonymous
A nice blog site of modeling tips and tricks is being assembled by Gabriel G. Got a tip to share?

Model Railroads.Net
An ambitious directory of North American model railroading and internet search engine of modeling.

Model Train Magazine Index
A complete, searchable index of virtually every U.S. model railroad magazine, now reaches back into the 30's and 40's.

NMRA Directory of World Wide Rail Sites
National Model Railroad Association's list of 4,000+ links to model and prototype railroad resources.

Railroad links directory featuring links to over 4,000 websites.

A very large list of railroad-related websites. This link leads to their model layouts page, with all scales and sizes represented.

Top Train Links
A Web directory for fans of railroading. 

Train Spotting Simulator
"Brings the power and excitement of one of the world's most favorite hobbies to your PC, placing you in the role of a trainspotter with unprecedented realism..."
Micro/Small Layout Links

Belfield Hall Estate Railway
Stephen Brown describes his seminal O9 extra-narrow-gauge micro layout, c. 1990. It's circular and a gem!

Blackcloud Railways
Bob Hughes presents his  collection of small, portable layouts in an amazing  variety of scales and styles.

Crowsnest Tramway Co.
Roy C. Link details the various versions of his marvelous little tramway layout through the years in various scales. Illustrated, with construction information.

Groupe d'Etude du Modélisme ferroviaire à voie Métrique et Etroite is a leading group for model railroad micro layouts. Their annual exhibition, Expométrique, is the world's premiere showcase for micro layouts, mostly European. Expométrique has received splendid photographic coverage on the Web from Frédéric Delaitre in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003,  2004, 2005, 2006 and 2009.

Gilbert Gribi's Site
A master modeler of the narrow gauge shows off his latest models and ideas.

Mark Stutz has a nice collection of small Swiss and German layouts in N and HO scales.

Hiromi Masaki's Blog
Remarkable HO micro models and layouts by a veteran Japanese modeler. Includes his famous "calling card sized" micro layout.

Ian Holmes describes his micro layouts (mostly Gn15 and Gnine) and adds prototype photos and the fanciful Journal of Layout Imaginings. Great stuff!

Japanese Micro Layouts
Yoji Tabuchi has created fascinating small displays in N, HOe, and O-16.5 scales, including a human-powered railway!

Jeffrey's Webpage
Jeff Hartmann is chronicling his collection of small layouts, including several clever micros.

Journal of Layout Imaginings
Ian Holmes chronicles a series of "dream layouts", all of which are both small and very imaginative.

Karat Creek Model Design
Nobuo Koizumi's website features his On30 and HOn30 modeling, and shows off his excellent 24"x33" On30 micro layout, including the full English text of his book, O-scale Industrial Narrow Gauge Modeling.

Emrys Hopkins hosts an excellent compendium of layout designs, ranging from Micro to Large, from many hands including mine.
Micro Layouts
Brian Wilson maintains an inspiring photo gallery showing many of his micro layouts (and some wild PhotoShop efforts!).

Model Railways
Urban Fredriksson's blog puts together a bunch of modeling ideas, including some basic but apt thoughts on small layout design.

Model Trains International
This magazine's web site features a "Track Plan Archive" with a variety of ingenious micro-to-small track plans for both British and American style railroads.

Moro's Can
Akihiro Morohoshi has created a series of beguiling micro layouts in On30, HOn30, and N scales.

My Layouts
A design for Martin Fischer's personal HOn30 micro layout, 30"x18" (75x45 cm), and plans for other small HO narrow-gauge designs.

Ossynths Page
Otto Schouwstra's site showcases his well-known elegant exhibition layouts, along with his amazing mechanisms and sound systems.

Penny Lane Central
A nice HO plan, 48"x18", with operating notes.

Rake Gruva (Rake Mining Co.)
Nicely done 28"x16" HOn30 mining micro layout in Sweden, including a day-by-day, detailed description of its construction.

Reinoud's Model Railways
A Dutch master planner lays out a good many minimum-space track plans and explains the design philosophies that underlie them.

Riverside Yard
Neil Machin has programmed an online shunting game for both Inglenook and Timesaver-type layouts. 

Four small N-gauge layouts by Brant Hickman, well done and thoroughly described.

Walmington PierTramway
Dave Carson has created a home page for his Edwardian micro layout.

Zigzag Railways-Switchback Railroads
Bo Justusson has collected a terrific batch of switchbacks, both model and prototype. Highlght is a "design your own zigzag micro" page.